10 Ways to Prosperity with Money Reiki

My very first article in Reiki Rays spoke on how financial blockages can be removed from life through Money Reiki. Today I will be sharing tips on how Money Reiki symbols can be used in our daily life to enhance prosperity and wealth inflow in our lives. I have practiced the ten tips that I will be sharing with you all and have also given to my clients and they have seen abundance flowing in their lives.

Ten Tips for Financial Prosperity:

1. Dollar Symbol Tip
This is one of the most easiest and wonderful tips in using dollar symbol. Whenever we spend cash or sign cheques for payments all we have to do is draw the dollar symbol in some corner of the currency notes and cheques and give Money Reiki to it and say a prayer that whoever gets the money is blessed with abundance and happiness. It’s practically not possible to draw and give Reiki before spending so what I do is I draw the symbol in my cheque book and all my currency notes beforehand and give it Reiki and keep, while signing or giving money I just say thank you money for being in my life and spend. This practice will enhance your cash flow and the amount you spend will come back to you in multifold.

2. Manifestation Tip
I do the manifestation symbol in two ways, one way is take a piece of paper and write down what you want in terms of financial needs and draw the manifestation symbol on all the four sides of the paper and keep it in your wish box and give Reiki to it daily till the wish is fulfilled and other way is visualize what you desire inside a chi ball and give it manifestation symbol along with CKR and send it to the universe and pray to the universe to help you in fulfilling your wishes. Do one of these tips every New Moon and abundance is all yours.

3. Wish Box Tip
Pick up a nice wooden box which you get attracted to or make a small box at home using cardboards or left over box and decorate it nicely, on the inner part of the box with green pen draw the manifestation and euro symbol on one side, on the other side with red pen draw the Vasudha and CKR symbols, on the third side draw the Money Reiki master symbol with blue pen and on the fourth side draw the SHK and Dollar symbol with orange pen. After doing you can write your financial goals for the year and place it in the box and also make other chits with your goals and what all you want to manifest in terms of luxury for example: “I am getting lots of clients and earning $XXXX every month” or “I am buying an independent villa and living there happily with my family.” Once you place these in your box give it Reiki once a week visualizing that your wishes are getting manifested.

4. Money Reiki Box
Pick a red colored box or make a box and stick red color paper outside it and design it and place different symbols of various types of Reiki which symbolize wealth like Midas Star, Vasudha etc., and place a piece of pyrite along with tumbles of citrine, aventurine, rose quartz and few merkabah shape crystals. Keep some money in that and if possible don’t spend that money and every day during the end of the day whatever small cash is leftover with you put it in that box and keep adding money to it daily. You will find loads of income coming from all sources.

5. Money Magnet
Money magnet is nothing but turning an object into attracting money. Pick up any object that you can carry with you daily or wear it like your personal jewellery or some crystal tumble or angel and turn it into your money magnet. Take the object which you have selected and cleanse it first in running water and then hold the object in-between your hands and tell out your intention loudly and feel it happening in your life for instance “I am a money magnet” or“I am attracting money from all sides”, after this charge the object with Money Reiki symbols and our traditional Reiki symbols too. At the end bless the object saying “I bless this object with energy of money, May it manifest and bring all the riches in my life, to the highest good of me and all concerned, Thank you.” Now carry or wear this object with you wherever you go.

6. Energy Circle and Money Reiki
Take up any energy circle you like the most, I will be posting my energy circles which I use also and draw on all four sides CKR, SHK and Money Reiki symbols and it will enhance the energies of the EC and help in attracting money.

7. Grand Master Symbol Tip
In Money Reiki we have a grand master symbol which is a very powerful symbol used to charge us up fully with money. I do this on every Full Moon, I call on all Archangel Michael, Uriel and St. Expedite and also on goddess Abundantia and Fortuna for clearing me up of all my debts and financial issues and imagine the grand master symbol coil inside my whole body and coiling up and energizing me with money energies. I burn a green candle while doing this.

8. World Money Healing
One of the best ways to get back abundance and richness infinitely is healing the world with Money Reiki. I first sit for my meditation for this and then I imagine the Mother Earth planet in front of me and give healing to the mother earth with Money Reiki symbols imagining my Money Reiki going to all the poor people, the needy and the hungry in this whole world. At last I see the world happy, peaceful and filled with love and abundance. This way when I bless the Mother Earth with happiness and abundance that abundance comes back to me.

9. Self-Healing and Ho’oponopono
Start doing a self-healing on all the chakras with Money Reiki symbols for ten minutes and then imagine money and do Ho’oponopono asking for forgiveness for any negativity you had towards money and for all the negative blocks you have towards money and release it to Mother Earth.

10. Pyramid Tip
Make a separate altar for abundance in your prayer room and in the table place goddess Fortuna, Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha with five pieces of pyrites and a box of pyramid shape, and a green candle. Burn the green candle daily and give Money Reiki to the altar and part with some percentage of your earnings every month in this pyramid box. Once a year collect the money from the box and spend it on feeding the hungry people or stray animals. One of the best ways to increase income is parting a percentage of it in the pyramid box as pyramid will multiply what you put in it.

Do try these beautiful tips and bring in prosperity in the year 2016 and in the coming years too. Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

First published at Reikirays.com

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