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I  am back after my dowsing article with yet another loving form of healing. I have always wanted to learn various types of healing methodologies and this thirst helped me in learning nearly fifteen types of reiki and pranic healing too. Few months back I learned Ama Deus Shamanic healing and was practicing it for some time and was amazed by its energies.

Many of you might not have heard what is Ama Deus Shamanic healing. Let me explain you about it. This healing system is energy based healing using god’s guidance and ancient symbols. I must add here that these symbols have no names at all but just the names specific to their uses in daily life. For example to heal yourself the symbol is named as heal yourself, for exorcism it has been termed as exorcism. It is used in many ways, few of the situations where one can use this healing are:

  • Healing yourself or others
  • Healing in emergency situations
  • Healing animals
  • Healing plants
  • Healing the departed souls in their transition to the spirit world.
  • Helping in smooth deliveries for babies
  • Journeying the Akashic records more smoothly
  • Healing the earth
  • Exorcism

The above are a few examples, this healing can be used for more purposes too. This healing has been used for the past 6000 years by the Guarani Indians. This Guaraní clan used to love nature and their love for their nature helped them in bringing this very effective healing system. Guarani’s always believed that there is no such thing called the illness it’s all because of the imbalance of the inner forces that illness comes. They have always followed the language of god’s love and they are the transmitters of god’s love through this healing energy.

I can keep writing pages on this healing system. In this healing system once you are attuned you need to do the breathing system which is called as Shamanic breathing. Its simple, take deep breaths through nostrils and expand the diaphragm and stomach and hold it till the count of five and exhale through the mouth. They term this as the breath of god. We can use crystals, herbs, oils or anything we like in this system. We can visualize the symbols through our third eye and also heal a person or draw it in our palm and do. There are totally 26 symbols and we can use 4 to 5 at a time.

I will explain a few symbols in my coming article but as always I want to write an experience I had while using this healing methodology. I had a request from a client who felt her brother who had committed suicide had not left them and was showing signs of his presence and this was more happening with her mom. She started sitting and talking to someone saying it’s her son. So I had contacted my mentor and asked her if I could use the earthbound spirits symbol and heal her so she guided me saying to burn a candle and visualize the symbol and imagine it going to the departed soul and not the mother, and to complete each healing session with the distance healing symbol. After a few days of healing, I felt a white light going towards the sky but since this was my first healing was not able to relate much. The very next day the client calls and says the whole day her mom had not spoken all alone and told her daughter that he has not come today so I started healing the mother to come out of it. Today the mother and daughter are happy and not scared or worried that the soul is not at peace. Gratitude to the Ama Deus Healing system.

Hope you all are liking my articles will come back with more such interesting healing systems. Do leave a feedback to tell me how you felt while reading this.

Love you all !

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