Heal yourself with Archangel Raphael

Writing an article after a long time for my all-time favorite website so decided to give you all a very powerful angel prayer through candles. Those who read my article on candle magic will know what candle prayers are by now.

Raphael is well known Archangel for healing and offers healing be it to mankind or the planet and also to all the creatures on the face of the earth, skies and in the waters. He is an Archangel who protects children as his own kid. He is always ready to offer sustenance and healing for those who ask him. Raphael can be strongly felt on 21st December on the mid-winter solstice, call on him and see you will feel someone right next to you (but he comes anytime you call on him but the presence can be strongly felt that day).

This prayer should be done in the night preferably facing the North. This prayer can be done for any type of healing be it emotional healing, physical healing or any type of reconciliation. Use a green candle and surround it with green coloured crystals like aventurine, jade or whichever you are attracted to and do in the following way:

  • Face the North and sit.
  • Light a green candle and surround it with green crystals and also light a white candle on the right side of it for the protection of the ritual and the person doing it.
  • After you light both the candles, chant the following prayer
    “Archangel Raphael, please heal my sorrows and bring peace in my life. Heal my illness so that I lead my life happily and be in harmony with my family. Protect me from negativity and bless me with your healing energies and always be by my side guiding me and healing me”
  • Visualize Raphael rising from the candle and healing you or you can also visualize the flame of the candle entering into your crown and traveling to all your chakras and healing you and making you healthy and happy.
  • Once you visualize thank Raphael for healing you and let the candle burn completely and throw off the residue the next day.

Try this lovely healing method and be blessed and happy in life. I will come back with more such amazing prayers with the archangels. Do leave a feedback after you all do this healing prayer.

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