Money Reiki Box

Money Reiki box is similar to a money magnet, which attracts money but unlike a Reiki wish box which is used for manifesting anything, in this box you can write your wishes related to financial goals.

I always suggest to my students to make their own box instead of buying a ready made box. When we design our own box our energies are infused in it. You can use a small chocolate box or a shoe box too. Design it beautifully.

Here are the Steps for making Money Reiki Box

  • Cleanse your box first before designing it.
  • Then design it. I usually combine symbols of reiki and money Reiki (in my box I have put Manifestation symbol, Dollar symbol, Midas Star symbol, vasudha and golden pyramid symbol). Add a few Switchword Energy circle relating to money and some citrine and aventurine crystals.
  • Write your intentions which you desire in present tense for example I am earning Rs 90000 per month or Money comes to me with ease. Some add images related to their intentions like images of bundles of money. Do what your intuition guides you.
  • Everyday bless the box with Money Reiki and imagine all your desires are getting fulfilled soon. You can also say affirmations while giving Money Reiki but I don’t do it I just close my eyes and visualize my goals mentioned in my money box.
  • Whenever your wishes come true remove the paper in which you wrote the particular wish and replace a thank you note in it.
  • Remove your thank you notes after three months.
  • You may also keep money in the box and bless it with Money Reiki and use it so that money goes with a blessing and comes back to me in ten folds with happiness.

Note :
1. These are few steps which I follow. You may use your own intention and creativity to design Money Reiki Box.
2. When your wishes are fulfilled you may burn those slips/papers or bury them.

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