Money Reiki

Being my first article I have been thinking for a longtime on what topic to write and then it struck me why not Money Reiki. So Lets start with abundance energies and grow abundantly.

Money Reiki is not a Reiki that will make you rich overnight or help you in winning a huge lottery or inherit a huge sum of money. This Reiki helps in removing the blockages related to money and clearing our karmic or emotional or any negative blockages which is stopping the prosperity from coming to us. It also helps in eliminating any negative energies related to money.

In my next article I will explain in detail how to make a money box and manifest our money related wishes thru Money Reiki. Right now just to give you all a feel of how Money Reiki will work for us I would like to give an example of a client who saw lots of changes after Money Reiki and is now practicing it too.

One of my client Miss Neha (name changed), came to me as she was in a lot of financial mess, speaking to her I noticed that at the end of every statement she said because I don’t have money. And more over after listening to her whole story I also felt its related to karmas. So I asked her to get eleven days money reiki healing initially and than if needed would extend the healing. First I started using the symbols used for clearing the blocks related to karmas and also began giving her Money Reiki daily for general finances apart from karma clearing. On the fifth day she ssid Pinky there are no changes and I advised her to be positive and wait for 11 days. On the ninth day she called me and said that she got some unexpected money from her friend whom she had helped five years back and never expected it to come back.

After eleventh day I asked her to come and while interacting with her I realized that she had stopped using the word because I have no money and when I asked her she also realized the same. I suggested we should continue healing for another ten days and than after 21 days she came up with an idea of opening a small academy for her classes and training. She was able to see small small benefits and today she has started practicing Money Reiki and also helps her clients who have the same problem.

Hence Money Reiki will not make you rich overnight but will give success and also remove financial obstacles related to money blockages. I will soon explain how to make a small money box and grow abundantly.
Love and light.

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