Reiki Symbols Revealed: Shika So and Shika Sei Ki

Many Reiki masters and practitioners are aware of the four symbols of the traditional Usui Reiki which are Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and Master Symbol but off late there are two new symbols which have been introduced in the traditional system which a few teachers teach along with Level 2 and many of them include these two beautiful symbols in Level 3a whereas few bring these under level 4 which is the grand master training.

These symbols have their own lovely energies and amazing powers to open our gates to inner peace and happiness.

I have used these symbols individually and also as a combined sandwich which has worked wonders for many of my clients.

Shika So


This symbol is best for balancing our Throat chakra and also heals people with communication issues. Those who are suffering from thyroid have seen lots of improvements after using this symbol. In fact I have helped many clients who find it difficult to talk in seminars or attend interviews and also for some who have had hypothyroid. This symbol is good if used individually or also as a combo with other symbols. One of the best way to use this symbol as a combo for those who have thyroid related problems is as follows:

  • First I connect with my client through HSZSN and then I cleanse their chakras and concentrate more time on the throat related area which is most affected for thyroid.
  • Then I use motor Zanon (usually I follow my intuition and change the symbols from person to person). Motor Zanon I feel here is apt because this symbol brings out the disease from the body so I give this symbol around the Throat chakra and combine Sei He Ki too so that the client does not feel strong energies.
  • Last I give the Shika So to the Throat chakra alone along with the sides and back of the Throat chakra for complete healing of thyroid and seal the energies with Cho Ku Rei.

The above method has been tried and tested method by me for helping thyroid affected clients and they have seen good improvement in their thyroid levels with regular healing in this method.

Shika Sei Ki


This symbol is best used for heart related diseases or also for people undergoing emotional stress in life. One of the most amazing symbols for anger related issues. This symbol eliminates negative energies from the heart giving way to unconditional love. I will share on of my best client experiences here along with the way I combined this with my other symbols and made her come out of the emotional trauma. I had a young girl who came to me as her dad and brother had passed away in an accident on the same day and she didn’t have a mother, she used to get up at nights with fear of loneliness and used to cry for hours. When she came to me I analyzed her situation and started giving her Reiki of combo of symbols as follows:

  • First I would connect with her using HSZSN and then cleanse her aura using the emotional Butterfly combined with Taoist grace which will remove the negative thinking and will assist in healing her emotionally.
  • Second I will concentrate on her Heart chakra and give her the Shika Sei Ki along with Sei He Ki which will sooth her emotions and remove the negative energies from her heart.
  • Last I used to give her the Shanti symbol as I felt she needs to heal the trauma what has happened along with the fears built inside her which have to be released too. Before closing the Reiki session I used to give CKR and SHK to all her chakras.

With this continuous Reiki treatment of 21 days she used to cry out after every session and feel something going away from her. After 21 days she started going back to her work and today she is happily settled in life and going to get married very soon with her soul partner.

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