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We at magick of healing are committed to giving its clients the best ever solution possible for their issues or situations through divination methods.

Its been ten years that we have been that we have been imparting our knowledge to students all over the world to create a change in the lives of who use them.

Magick of healing offers right from consultations through tarot, psychic reading, runes, iching, lenormand and more to analysing your issue and offering you a comprehensive solution to help you reach your goals faster. We are also offering training of various divination tools through whatsapp, online workshops and in person in various cities.

We also craft spiritual and magickal products which are energized and blessed by our founder according to the magikal days and moon phases and elements to create the energy and intentions so as they bring the desired success or solve the purpose for which they are used.

We are glad that you have come here and have blessed our website with your beautiful intent. We also believe that if thendivine has led you here than its for a cause, please feel free to drop in your questions and queries to us and we will be happy to get back to you.

Blessed be

About Me

Pinky punjabi - Founder – I have been practicing, teaching and researching various branches of divination and occult studies for 12 plus years now. I love researching on various topics be it herbs and making my own oils and candles or working on Altar setups and connecting and chanelling messages with saints or dieties.

From youngage somewhere i have always wanted to work with tarot cards and my dad used to have a lovely connect with goddess Kali and i used to love it when i could feel the same connect too. I grew up over the years with this goal iny heart and started my journey as a tarot card reader and a pranic healer and from there the journey began. My thirst for knowledge did not stop and expanded towards wicca, reiki, crystals and various pagan modalities. Till date i feel i need to learn and learn and research more.

I first started candle rituals in india in way back 2010 when there was very less awareness of candle rituals in india and from than on the journey continued and today i research and explore and make nearly 70 plus types or wicca and hoodoo candles.

I love researching on the metaphysical properties of herbs and using them in the unique oil blends that i make and when i sit with them it just makes me drawn inventing more and more of these magickal formulas.

I also offer custom products based onnwhat i feel guided when people come to me for consultations. I also do energy work and rituals for specific clients if i feel guided to.

I teach various courses through online, whatsapp and in person and many of my students are successful healers, wiccans, tarot readers and more throughout the world and also mentor some students under them.

Apart from divination readings i also specialise in energy healing, reiki healing and pet healing and communication. I do customised spellwork for specific clients to bring sucesss, financial prosperity, love to your life, road opening, protection, hex removing and more.. These spellworks are done with personalised petitions, offerings, invocations, and other wiccan / hoodoo tools required for the desired outcome.

Thank you for dropping by and reading about me, to book a consultation with me or to get a customised work done you can leave your comments in the contact us form with your specific queries and we will be more than happy to help and guide you.

Blessed be

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