Candle Prayers with Archangel Michael

First I would like to thank all my readers and students who read my last article Candle prayers with Archangel Raphael and gave me amazing feedbacks and also sent me pictures of their prayers and the positive results they got. Keep sending me your feedbacks on the tips and suggestions I share as this encourages me to write more and more. Your feedbacks have encouraged me to write another very powerful candle prayer where we invoke or call on Archangel Michael.

I have always felt a strong connection with Archangel Michael along with few other archangels like Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, Chamuel and Ariel and I follow separate prayer modules while calling on each of them. Whenever I call on them and ask them for guidance or help, I have always seen help and guidance coming to me through some source or the other and many a times I feel their presence right next to me showing me their signs. Archangels are just amazing angels who are always ready to help and guide us, ask and they are there.

Archangel Michael is the Archangel of the sun and also known as warrior angel. He is the protector for everyone and offers help to anyone who calls on him. He comes to our rescue and helps us in overcoming all obstacles in our lives guiding us to get back on the right path.

For candle prayers for Michael some use gold, orange while some use blue, I always love using dark blue for this prayer. You can also combine all the three colors or any two colors and call on him. Always go by your intuition when you sit for angel prayers, you can always add crystals and incense or herbs you feel will be best for the prayer too.

For this prayer take five candles of any one of the above color or a combo of all three colors (orange, gold and blue). Take a white candle along with it and a few clear quartz crystal tumbles. If you have neroli or orange essential oil than use it for anointing the candles and in this prayer always anoint the candles from base to the wick. Burn Lavender incense sticks while doing this prayer.

Steps for doing the prayer:

  • Sit facing south and do this prayer preferably during early morning or before noon.
  • Place a picture of Archangel Michael and burn the incense stick and the white candle first. And keep it to the right side of the picture.
  • Now anoint the candles with the essential oil and place it in a row in the left side of the picture.
  • Now burn these candles and call upon Archangel Michael and say:


Imagine Archangel Michael rising from the candle flame and standing next to you and guarding you with his shield of light around you. Do this prayer every Sunday and see amazing changes in your life.

Write to me your feedbacks and I will be back soon with yet another powerful prayer of another amazing Archangel.

Reiki Blessings to all.

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Heal yourself with Archangel Raphael

Writing an article after a long time for my all-time favorite website so decided to give you all a very powerful angel prayer through candles. Those who read my article on candle magic will know what candle prayers are by now.

Raphael is well known Archangel for healing and offers healing be it to mankind or the planet and also to all the creatures on the face of the earth, skies and in the waters. He is an Archangel who protects children as his own kid. He is always ready to offer sustenance and healing for those who ask him. Raphael can be strongly felt on 21st December on the mid-winter solstice, call on him and see you will feel someone right next to you (but he comes anytime you call on him but the presence can be strongly felt that day).

This prayer should be done in the night preferably facing the North. This prayer can be done for any type of healing be it emotional healing, physical healing or any type of reconciliation. Use a green candle and surround it with green coloured crystals like aventurine, jade or whichever you are attracted to and do in the following way:

  • Face the North and sit.
  • Light a green candle and surround it with green crystals and also light a white candle on the right side of it for the protection of the ritual and the person doing it.
  • After you light both the candles, chant the following prayer
    “Archangel Raphael, please heal my sorrows and bring peace in my life. Heal my illness so that I lead my life happily and be in harmony with my family. Protect me from negativity and bless me with your healing energies and always be by my side guiding me and healing me”
  • Visualize Raphael rising from the candle and healing you or you can also visualize the flame of the candle entering into your crown and traveling to all your chakras and healing you and making you healthy and happy.
  • Once you visualize thank Raphael for healing you and let the candle burn completely and throw off the residue the next day.

Try this lovely healing method and be blessed and happy in life. I will come back with more such amazing prayers with the archangels. Do leave a feedback after you all do this healing prayer.

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Animal Reiki – For those who loves pet

I used to always get upset on my pet falling sick and I must add here I have three dogs and a parrot and a fish tank too. If I used to see a pet hit on the road also I wished I could heal them. I used to give them Usui reiki also but never was able to connect with the pets till I learnt Animal reiki. Animals have 8 major chakras and 21 minor chakras along with 6 bud chakras. The eighth main chakra which is known as the Brachial or key chakra was founded by Margrit Coates who is a renowned animal healer. Reiki healing for animals is safe and gentle and can be done in direct or through distance.

Have u ever seen your pet paw the ground before lying or rolling there it’s because his paw chakras are trying to find energies of the ground which are beneficial for them. When they stand on such areas automatically they will get grounding energies. Usually, animals are capable of sensing and absorbing any sensory information around them, but any pet that has undergone an emotional or physical trauma has energetic imbalance more often than others.

This technique can be done in two methods just by giving healing or by meditating with your animals for healing, I prefer the meditative way because it creates an inner state of balance and calm and makes the pet feel more peaceful. So coming to connecting with our pets go to your alpha state of mind and make your pet to sit with you, if it prefers walking or moving around just let him do that, start doing yourself healing and you will find the pet coming near you and wanting you to do it. I have seen my pet coming and keeping his head on my lap as an indication that he is ready for healing. At that time connect to his key chakra as this chakra connects to all the chakras and it will connect you and your pet spontaneously.

Voila, you will feel the reiki flowing through your pet beautifully and you will be able to sense if any blockages are there in any part of the body and be able to concentrate there and heal the part. Always start treating your pets with reiki for continuous five days session and later on do it once a week. I also give reiki to their food so that the food gives them extra energy. After reiki, your pet will sleep and also u will find him relaxed and breathing will be more normal.

As you keep giving reiki to your pets, you will become familiar with the feeling of the energies you pick up while treating them. For instance, heat indicates more energy is needed while coolness indicates emotional problems in pets. Dull pain in your hands can indicate that there is some physical problem in that particular part and sharp pain due to mis-balancing of energies in that particular area. Tingling sensation is an indication of swelling in your pets, if your hands feel drawn to a particular area it means rebalancing is needed and when they repel than definitely deep seated issues are there which needs vets attention.

Try this beautiful reiki and see how you get connected to your pets more and feel happy when you can help them whenever they need it be it your own pets or even roadside pets. Dedicating this article to three little naughty musketeers and love of my life Scooby, Maximus and Blacky because of these three I have learned this lovely reiki. Love you three the most in this world.

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Candle Magick

I have written on this topic many times, but I always end up writing something different and unique, may be because of my years of experience in this lovely magick. When I use the term magic it does not mean we are doing something wrong or doing magick because candle prayers fall under sympathetic magic which means someone praying for himself representing him in the form of his zodiac candle and his problem through the specific color candle. For example, if I am short tempered than I will use blue color to reduce my anger and calm myself and also keep a zodiac candle representing me.

Candle magick can be done for oneself and for others too but, what is more important is the faith with which you do it which will make this prayer successful. Lots of things have to be taken into consideration while doing these prayers, for instance the moon phases, the colors, the days, size of the candles, always a new candle, the list is quite long but one of the most effective and easiest way of manifesting your wishes.

It’s always best to do your candle magick in a separate place; I have a separate altar which is used specifically for my prayers or my client’s prayers. I cleanse it from time to time and also sprinkle holy water and keep it pure. People who know in-depth of candle prayers also cast a circle around them representing the four elements of the earth in order to invoke the powers and make the prayers most effective. When we use essential oils and crystals based on the problems the effect of the prayer increases. Lots more can be added to the prayers to make it most powerful for instance, herbs, magical symbols etc. Never hurry in doing a candle prayer like buying small candles or trying to finish the spells in a lesser number of days as you may not get the desired results.

As usual let me end with an example of a candle prayer, I had a client who was having weight issues and was obese, I had sent her my weight reduction candle spell kit which had five white, five blue and five yellow candles with a combo of essential oils which is used for fulfilling desired wishes. I told her to start doing on a Friday and to do it regularly every Friday till she achieves the result. She started doing it and used to burn the candles and visualize herself becoming slim and beautiful and after five weeks she felt she has reduced a few kilos (I must mention here she hates dieting else she must have lost many kilos) and this enhanced her confidence and she was doing this for six months and she called me and said she has gone down by ten kilos but most important was she was happy and was determined to reduce more. That is the magic of candle prayers, with dedication and faith anything can be achieved in candle magick.

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Ama Deus Healing

I  am back after my dowsing article with yet another loving form of healing. I have always wanted to learn various types of healing methodologies and this thirst helped me in learning nearly fifteen types of reiki and pranic healing too. Few months back I learned Ama Deus Shamanic healing and was practicing it for some time and was amazed by its energies.

Many of you might not have heard what is Ama Deus Shamanic healing. Let me explain you about it. This healing system is energy based healing using god’s guidance and ancient symbols. I must add here that these symbols have no names at all but just the names specific to their uses in daily life. For example to heal yourself the symbol is named as heal yourself, for exorcism it has been termed as exorcism. It is used in many ways, few of the situations where one can use this healing are:

  • Healing yourself or others
  • Healing in emergency situations
  • Healing animals
  • Healing plants
  • Healing the departed souls in their transition to the spirit world.
  • Helping in smooth deliveries for babies
  • Journeying the Akashic records more smoothly
  • Healing the earth
  • Exorcism

The above are a few examples, this healing can be used for more purposes too. This healing has been used for the past 6000 years by the Guarani Indians. This Guaraní clan used to love nature and their love for their nature helped them in bringing this very effective healing system. Guarani’s always believed that there is no such thing called the illness it’s all because of the imbalance of the inner forces that illness comes. They have always followed the language of god’s love and they are the transmitters of god’s love through this healing energy.

I can keep writing pages on this healing system. In this healing system once you are attuned you need to do the breathing system which is called as Shamanic breathing. Its simple, take deep breaths through nostrils and expand the diaphragm and stomach and hold it till the count of five and exhale through the mouth. They term this as the breath of god. We can use crystals, herbs, oils or anything we like in this system. We can visualize the symbols through our third eye and also heal a person or draw it in our palm and do. There are totally 26 symbols and we can use 4 to 5 at a time.

I will explain a few symbols in my coming article but as always I want to write an experience I had while using this healing methodology. I had a request from a client who felt her brother who had committed suicide had not left them and was showing signs of his presence and this was more happening with her mom. She started sitting and talking to someone saying it’s her son. So I had contacted my mentor and asked her if I could use the earthbound spirits symbol and heal her so she guided me saying to burn a candle and visualize the symbol and imagine it going to the departed soul and not the mother, and to complete each healing session with the distance healing symbol. After a few days of healing, I felt a white light going towards the sky but since this was my first healing was not able to relate much. The very next day the client calls and says the whole day her mom had not spoken all alone and told her daughter that he has not come today so I started healing the mother to come out of it. Today the mother and daughter are happy and not scared or worried that the soul is not at peace. Gratitude to the Ama Deus Healing system.

Hope you all are liking my articles will come back with more such interesting healing systems. Do leave a feedback to tell me how you felt while reading this.

Love you all !

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Pendulum Dowsing

All of us are aware of the term dowsing, but many believe that dowsing replies only in the form of YES or NO. This article I am writing for you all to know the wonders of dowsing. Dowsing helps us in getting precise answers on anything we need to know, be it helping in locating the keys which have been misplaced to finding the whereabouts of a child that has been kidnapped.

Yes, you read it right whereabouts of a child who has been kidnapped. Through pendulum dowsing, it is possible. Dowsing answers from simple questions to the most difficult questions. Thousands of years back it has helped people in finding water, gold and also hidden treasures too.

Now how does this pendulum work? It works with our subconscious mind, the reactions transmitted from our subconscious mind to our fingers causes the pendulum to give us answers. I always tell a prayer and call on my angels while sitting for dowsing and it is very important that one has a neutral mindset and keeps his ego aside while doing dowsing. Yes ego, because often when we dowse we want to get the answers that we want and if the pendulum does not give it than we think how this can be possible. I will relate to you an incident which happened which will explain why ego has to be set aside.

Years back when I finished learning dowsing class the first question I asked my pendulum was will I and my husband be happy always and the answer came no, I again checked for the fun of checking the pendulum will we have a divorce and it came yes at this point had I kept my ego aside and checked in detail the reason behind it I would have been able to solve the situation but I immediately said this can’t be possible and we both love each other the most. After three years of checking on the question the divorce did happen. That’s why when I teach anyone dowsing or see for anyone in dowsing I first tell them to keep the ego aside and take the answers as they come.

Now at times I combine my tarot and pendulum and give answers as and when it’s needed. There are many forms of dowsing to name a few are small area dowsing, large area dowsing, map dowsing and many more. If the pendulum is learnt in a proper way and handled with love and gratitude believe me it will give you the most accurate answers for any questions you need answers for.
I will write after a few days certain examples of how to solve issues through pendulums for instance I will write in-depth on how to track a missing kid and more techniques.

Pendulums can do fascinating things.

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Money Reiki Box

Money Reiki box is similar to a money magnet, which attracts money but unlike a Reiki wish box which is used for manifesting anything, in this box you can write your wishes related to financial goals.

I always suggest to my students to make their own box instead of buying a ready made box. When we design our own box our energies are infused in it. You can use a small chocolate box or a shoe box too. Design it beautifully.

Here are the Steps for making Money Reiki Box

  • Cleanse your box first before designing it.
  • Then design it. I usually combine symbols of reiki and money Reiki (in my box I have put Manifestation symbol, Dollar symbol, Midas Star symbol, vasudha and golden pyramid symbol). Add a few Switchword Energy circle relating to money and some citrine and aventurine crystals.
  • Write your intentions which you desire in present tense for example I am earning Rs 90000 per month or Money comes to me with ease. Some add images related to their intentions like images of bundles of money. Do what your intuition guides you.
  • Everyday bless the box with Money Reiki and imagine all your desires are getting fulfilled soon. You can also say affirmations while giving Money Reiki but I don’t do it I just close my eyes and visualize my goals mentioned in my money box.
  • Whenever your wishes come true remove the paper in which you wrote the particular wish and replace a thank you note in it.
  • Remove your thank you notes after three months.
  • You may also keep money in the box and bless it with Money Reiki and use it so that money goes with a blessing and comes back to me in ten folds with happiness.

Note :
1. These are few steps which I follow. You may use your own intention and creativity to design Money Reiki Box.
2. When your wishes are fulfilled you may burn those slips/papers or bury them.

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Money Reiki

Being my first article I have been thinking for a longtime on what topic to write and then it struck me why not Money Reiki. So Lets start with abundance energies and grow abundantly.

Money Reiki is not a Reiki that will make you rich overnight or help you in winning a huge lottery or inherit a huge sum of money. This Reiki helps in removing the blockages related to money and clearing our karmic or emotional or any negative blockages which is stopping the prosperity from coming to us. It also helps in eliminating any negative energies related to money.

In my next article I will explain in detail how to make a money box and manifest our money related wishes thru Money Reiki. Right now just to give you all a feel of how Money Reiki will work for us I would like to give an example of a client who saw lots of changes after Money Reiki and is now practicing it too.

One of my client Miss Neha (name changed), came to me as she was in a lot of financial mess, speaking to her I noticed that at the end of every statement she said because I don’t have money. And more over after listening to her whole story I also felt its related to karmas. So I asked her to get eleven days money reiki healing initially and than if needed would extend the healing. First I started using the symbols used for clearing the blocks related to karmas and also began giving her Money Reiki daily for general finances apart from karma clearing. On the fifth day she ssid Pinky there are no changes and I advised her to be positive and wait for 11 days. On the ninth day she called me and said that she got some unexpected money from her friend whom she had helped five years back and never expected it to come back.

After eleventh day I asked her to come and while interacting with her I realized that she had stopped using the word because I have no money and when I asked her she also realized the same. I suggested we should continue healing for another ten days and than after 21 days she came up with an idea of opening a small academy for her classes and training. She was able to see small small benefits and today she has started practicing Money Reiki and also helps her clients who have the same problem.

Hence Money Reiki will not make you rich overnight but will give success and also remove financial obstacles related to money blockages. I will soon explain how to make a small money box and grow abundantly.
Love and light.

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Karmic Reiki

Many of you may not be aware of this reiki but the awareness towards this reiki is increasing slowly. Karmic reiki is more of a concept where the client is made to regress in a karmic state. In this reiki we connect with the client and see what are the challenges faced by the client in present and how is it linked with his past.

I believe in mixing various reiki techniques to treat clients so that the client is benefitted and sees difference at the earliest. I will share with you in this article on how we can treat a person suffering from some type of addiction and make them live a life without any co-dependence. I will discuss here a typical karmic reiki treatment and in future also bring in articles here I will combine more than one type of reiki in a treatment.

Karmic reiki can be done in following steps:

  • Start with scanning of the client’s aura here we need to make the client sit comfortably and connect with him with our traditional HSZSN symbol and ask for the higher self in guiding you to heal the person from his addiction.
  • When you are scanning the aura allow your hands to move to and fro throughout all the chakras of the client freely as this will help you in checking the distortions and disruptions in the aura which will make it easier for us to clear the respective chakras where there are blockages.
  • Now draw the emotional butterfly symbol on your palms and brush the aura of the person in a way that you are cleansing him of his karmic energies (when we do this step some may feel a trap getting released from their body)
  • Once this is done use the Taoist grace symbol to remove any addictive patterns and negative thinking from the clients aura. This also you need to draw on your palms and on the client’s whole body or on all his chakras.
  • Then we use one of the three sisters which is also known as Karmic Blockage Vaporizer or the Mei Ku Do one of the most powerful symbols in karmic reiki to remove any objects which are still clinging to our aura. Here we visualize the symbol in our third eye and draw it in your palms and also in the air and call out the name of the symbol three times to activate it. Than motion your hands throughout the persons aura and identify the objects clinging and cleanse them in a way that you are sweeping them away from the aura and throwing it away from side to side till the object is fully cleared.
  • Once this is done use the next symbol which is called as Mei Tu nyo or karmic shadow cleanser which acts more like clearing anything which has been left behind in the aura. Follow the same steps as you did with Mei Ku Do and sweep away any leftover blockages or objects in the aura, but here we use our hands as we are stroking the fur of some animal in a softer way.
  • Last we use the symbol known as the guide connection or Shi Te Myo which is actually a very powerful symbol and has to be used with proper care and guided intuition as the energy level of this symbol is very high. Connect with this symbol the way you did with the other two symbols and use this symbol always at the end of the treatment with soft sweeps across the body in a way that it is soothing and calming the aura.

You need to be attuned to this reiki to use it and don’t use it without proper guidance or attunement as it may not give you the desired results. Reiki blessings to all.

Money Reiki – Guide to Removal of Financial Blockages

This is my first article with Reiki Rays so I wanted to write about the Reiki very close to my heart after my Usui Reiki and decided will write on Money Reiki. Money Reiki has brought in tremendous changes in lives of many I have healed and also for me personally. It has amazing energies which will transform all your financial blockages and obstacles from life and help you in exploring your financial growth opportunities.

Money Reiki is channeled by Stephanie Brail, this Reiki will not make you rich overnight (I believe that nothing can make us rich overnight but with Reiki and dedication in our work we will achieve financial success soon). If you follow the Money Reiki methodology systematically you will not only be able to take care of your financial problems pertaining in your life but also be able to clear the blockages you have been facing in improving your financial status. Money Reiki also helps in clearing your karmic blockages which are due to issues surrounding money or any negative money karma attracted by you.

Many healers follow different healing patterns but I will explain here the pattern I follow for me and for others and have seen successful results after giving Money Reiki. I always combine Money Reiki with positive affirmations and Usui Reiki for best outcome.

Here are the steps followed by me

  • I call on angels and money gods and goddess to assist me and shower me with prosperity and divine abundance (I love calling on Archangel Ariel, Zadkiel and goddess Lakshmi, Abundantia, Fortuna and Lord Narayana).
  • I set clear intentions on what I need in regards to prosperity because I feel if I know what my goal is or focus when it comes to prosperity and finances achieving becomes easier for me. I write my intentions clearly in a piece of paper for example
    “I want to attract more clients for my workshops, my clients benefit from my workshops and enhance their knowledge and are happy to learn from me and refer friends and family members to me”.
  • I start the Money Reiki with The Golden Pyramid symbol as this symbol helps in clearing deep karmic issues and I feel first step towards prosperity is clearing your past karmas and blocks. I imagine myself in front of the golden pyramid and the pyramid is spinning and I feel the pyramid opens and swallows all my karmas and negativity towards money and then it transmutes these energies and releases it to the mother earth.
  • Next I use the Clearing symbol which helps me in releasing any resistance which I have towards attracting money in my life and releases them and makes me receptive towards abundance. I must add here that I keep drawing this symbol in air around me from time to time to clear my debts or any financial related issues in my life.
  • Then I use the Affirmation Symbol and this symbol I use with my positive affirmations for attracting money (for ex. I say Money is coming in my life effortlessly and abundantly) while drawing this symbol. I draw this symbol covering my whole body as so that it acts as a law of attraction for me throughout the day.
  • Last I use the Grand Master symbol and this symbol works like a money magnet in our lives and it will magnetize anything you desire in life from abundance to anything (be it car, home and any object you desire). I finish the Money Reiki procedure here by drawing Cho Ku Rei and the Master symbol at this stage.
  • I now thank all the gods and archangels for showering me with prosperity and blessing me with financial independence and prosperity beyond my expectations.

This is just a brief introduction to Money Reiki. To be able to use it, you need attunement, manual with proper instruction.

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