Candle Magick

I have written on this topic many times, but I always end up writing something different and unique, may be because of my years of experience in this lovely magick. When I use the term magic it does not mean we are doing something wrong or doing magick because candle prayers fall under sympathetic magic which means someone praying for himself representing him in the form of his zodiac candle and his problem through the specific color candle. For example, if I am short tempered than I will use blue color to reduce my anger and calm myself and also keep a zodiac candle representing me.

Candle magick can be done for oneself and for others too but, what is more important is the faith with which you do it which will make this prayer successful. Lots of things have to be taken into consideration while doing these prayers, for instance the moon phases, the colors, the days, size of the candles, always a new candle, the list is quite long but one of the most effective and easiest way of manifesting your wishes.

It’s always best to do your candle magick in a separate place; I have a separate altar which is used specifically for my prayers or my client’s prayers. I cleanse it from time to time and also sprinkle holy water and keep it pure. People who know in-depth of candle prayers also cast a circle around them representing the four elements of the earth in order to invoke the powers and make the prayers most effective. When we use essential oils and crystals based on the problems the effect of the prayer increases. Lots more can be added to the prayers to make it most powerful for instance, herbs, magical symbols etc. Never hurry in doing a candle prayer like buying small candles or trying to finish the spells in a lesser number of days as you may not get the desired results.

As usual let me end with an example of a candle prayer, I had a client who was having weight issues and was obese, I had sent her my weight reduction candle spell kit which had five white, five blue and five yellow candles with a combo of essential oils which is used for fulfilling desired wishes. I told her to start doing on a Friday and to do it regularly every Friday till she achieves the result. She started doing it and used to burn the candles and visualize herself becoming slim and beautiful and after five weeks she felt she has reduced a few kilos (I must mention here she hates dieting else she must have lost many kilos) and this enhanced her confidence and she was doing this for six months and she called me and said she has gone down by ten kilos but most important was she was happy and was determined to reduce more. That is the magic of candle prayers, with dedication and faith anything can be achieved in candle magick.

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