Pendulum Dowsing

All of us are aware of the term dowsing, but many believe that dowsing replies only in the form of YES or NO. This article I am writing for you all to know the wonders of dowsing. Dowsing helps us in getting precise answers on anything we need to know, be it helping in locating the keys which have been misplaced to finding the whereabouts of a child that has been kidnapped.

Yes, you read it right whereabouts of a child who has been kidnapped. Through pendulum dowsing, it is possible. Dowsing answers from simple questions to the most difficult questions. Thousands of years back it has helped people in finding water, gold and also hidden treasures too.

Now how does this pendulum work? It works with our subconscious mind, the reactions transmitted from our subconscious mind to our fingers causes the pendulum to give us answers. I always tell a prayer and call on my angels while sitting for dowsing and it is very important that one has a neutral mindset and keeps his ego aside while doing dowsing. Yes ego, because often when we dowse we want to get the answers that we want and if the pendulum does not give it than we think how this can be possible. I will relate to you an incident which happened which will explain why ego has to be set aside.

Years back when I finished learning dowsing class the first question I asked my pendulum was will I and my husband be happy always and the answer came no, I again checked for the fun of checking the pendulum will we have a divorce and it came yes at this point had I kept my ego aside and checked in detail the reason behind it I would have been able to solve the situation but I immediately said this can’t be possible and we both love each other the most. After three years of checking on the question the divorce did happen. That’s why when I teach anyone dowsing or see for anyone in dowsing I first tell them to keep the ego aside and take the answers as they come.

Now at times I combine my tarot and pendulum and give answers as and when it’s needed. There are many forms of dowsing to name a few are small area dowsing, large area dowsing, map dowsing and many more. If the pendulum is learnt in a proper way and handled with love and gratitude believe me it will give you the most accurate answers for any questions you need answers for.
I will write after a few days certain examples of how to solve issues through pendulums for instance I will write in-depth on how to track a missing kid and more techniques.

Pendulums can do fascinating things.

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