Animal Reiki – For those who loves pet

I used to always get upset on my pet falling sick and I must add here I have three dogs and a parrot and a fish tank too. If I used to see a pet hit on the road also I wished I could heal them. I used to give them Usui reiki also but never was able to connect with the pets till I learnt Animal reiki. Animals have 8 major chakras and 21 minor chakras along with 6 bud chakras. The eighth main chakra which is known as the Brachial or key chakra was founded by Margrit Coates who is a renowned animal healer. Reiki healing for animals is safe and gentle and can be done in direct or through distance.

Have u ever seen your pet paw the ground before lying or rolling there it’s because his paw chakras are trying to find energies of the ground which are beneficial for them. When they stand on such areas automatically they will get grounding energies. Usually, animals are capable of sensing and absorbing any sensory information around them, but any pet that has undergone an emotional or physical trauma has energetic imbalance more often than others.

This technique can be done in two methods just by giving healing or by meditating with your animals for healing, I prefer the meditative way because it creates an inner state of balance and calm and makes the pet feel more peaceful. So coming to connecting with our pets go to your alpha state of mind and make your pet to sit with you, if it prefers walking or moving around just let him do that, start doing yourself healing and you will find the pet coming near you and wanting you to do it. I have seen my pet coming and keeping his head on my lap as an indication that he is ready for healing. At that time connect to his key chakra as this chakra connects to all the chakras and it will connect you and your pet spontaneously.

Voila, you will feel the reiki flowing through your pet beautifully and you will be able to sense if any blockages are there in any part of the body and be able to concentrate there and heal the part. Always start treating your pets with reiki for continuous five days session and later on do it once a week. I also give reiki to their food so that the food gives them extra energy. After reiki, your pet will sleep and also u will find him relaxed and breathing will be more normal.

As you keep giving reiki to your pets, you will become familiar with the feeling of the energies you pick up while treating them. For instance, heat indicates more energy is needed while coolness indicates emotional problems in pets. Dull pain in your hands can indicate that there is some physical problem in that particular part and sharp pain due to mis-balancing of energies in that particular area. Tingling sensation is an indication of swelling in your pets, if your hands feel drawn to a particular area it means rebalancing is needed and when they repel than definitely deep seated issues are there which needs vets attention.

Try this beautiful reiki and see how you get connected to your pets more and feel happy when you can help them whenever they need it be it your own pets or even roadside pets. Dedicating this article to three little naughty musketeers and love of my life Scooby, Maximus and Blacky because of these three I have learned this lovely reiki. Love you three the most in this world.

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Ama Deus Healing

I  am back after my dowsing article with yet another loving form of healing. I have always wanted to learn various types of healing methodologies and this thirst helped me in learning nearly fifteen types of reiki and pranic healing too. Few months back I learned Ama Deus Shamanic healing and was practicing it for some time and was amazed by its energies.

Many of you might not have heard what is Ama Deus Shamanic healing. Let me explain you about it. This healing system is energy based healing using god’s guidance and ancient symbols. I must add here that these symbols have no names at all but just the names specific to their uses in daily life. For example to heal yourself the symbol is named as heal yourself, for exorcism it has been termed as exorcism. It is used in many ways, few of the situations where one can use this healing are:

  • Healing yourself or others
  • Healing in emergency situations
  • Healing animals
  • Healing plants
  • Healing the departed souls in their transition to the spirit world.
  • Helping in smooth deliveries for babies
  • Journeying the Akashic records more smoothly
  • Healing the earth
  • Exorcism

The above are a few examples, this healing can be used for more purposes too. This healing has been used for the past 6000 years by the Guarani Indians. This Guaraní clan used to love nature and their love for their nature helped them in bringing this very effective healing system. Guarani’s always believed that there is no such thing called the illness it’s all because of the imbalance of the inner forces that illness comes. They have always followed the language of god’s love and they are the transmitters of god’s love through this healing energy.

I can keep writing pages on this healing system. In this healing system once you are attuned you need to do the breathing system which is called as Shamanic breathing. Its simple, take deep breaths through nostrils and expand the diaphragm and stomach and hold it till the count of five and exhale through the mouth. They term this as the breath of god. We can use crystals, herbs, oils or anything we like in this system. We can visualize the symbols through our third eye and also heal a person or draw it in our palm and do. There are totally 26 symbols and we can use 4 to 5 at a time.

I will explain a few symbols in my coming article but as always I want to write an experience I had while using this healing methodology. I had a request from a client who felt her brother who had committed suicide had not left them and was showing signs of his presence and this was more happening with her mom. She started sitting and talking to someone saying it’s her son. So I had contacted my mentor and asked her if I could use the earthbound spirits symbol and heal her so she guided me saying to burn a candle and visualize the symbol and imagine it going to the departed soul and not the mother, and to complete each healing session with the distance healing symbol. After a few days of healing, I felt a white light going towards the sky but since this was my first healing was not able to relate much. The very next day the client calls and says the whole day her mom had not spoken all alone and told her daughter that he has not come today so I started healing the mother to come out of it. Today the mother and daughter are happy and not scared or worried that the soul is not at peace. Gratitude to the Ama Deus Healing system.

Hope you all are liking my articles will come back with more such interesting healing systems. Do leave a feedback to tell me how you felt while reading this.

Love you all !

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Money Reiki Box

Money Reiki box is similar to a money magnet, which attracts money but unlike a Reiki wish box which is used for manifesting anything, in this box you can write your wishes related to financial goals.

I always suggest to my students to make their own box instead of buying a ready made box. When we design our own box our energies are infused in it. You can use a small chocolate box or a shoe box too. Design it beautifully.

Here are the Steps for making Money Reiki Box

  • Cleanse your box first before designing it.
  • Then design it. I usually combine symbols of reiki and money Reiki (in my box I have put Manifestation symbol, Dollar symbol, Midas Star symbol, vasudha and golden pyramid symbol). Add a few Switchword Energy circle relating to money and some citrine and aventurine crystals.
  • Write your intentions which you desire in present tense for example I am earning Rs 90000 per month or Money comes to me with ease. Some add images related to their intentions like images of bundles of money. Do what your intuition guides you.
  • Everyday bless the box with Money Reiki and imagine all your desires are getting fulfilled soon. You can also say affirmations while giving Money Reiki but I don’t do it I just close my eyes and visualize my goals mentioned in my money box.
  • Whenever your wishes come true remove the paper in which you wrote the particular wish and replace a thank you note in it.
  • Remove your thank you notes after three months.
  • You may also keep money in the box and bless it with Money Reiki and use it so that money goes with a blessing and comes back to me in ten folds with happiness.

Note :
1. These are few steps which I follow. You may use your own intention and creativity to design Money Reiki Box.
2. When your wishes are fulfilled you may burn those slips/papers or bury them.

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Money Reiki

Being my first article I have been thinking for a longtime on what topic to write and then it struck me why not Money Reiki. So Lets start with abundance energies and grow abundantly.

Money Reiki is not a Reiki that will make you rich overnight or help you in winning a huge lottery or inherit a huge sum of money. This Reiki helps in removing the blockages related to money and clearing our karmic or emotional or any negative blockages which is stopping the prosperity from coming to us. It also helps in eliminating any negative energies related to money.

In my next article I will explain in detail how to make a money box and manifest our money related wishes thru Money Reiki. Right now just to give you all a feel of how Money Reiki will work for us I would like to give an example of a client who saw lots of changes after Money Reiki and is now practicing it too.

One of my client Miss Neha (name changed), came to me as she was in a lot of financial mess, speaking to her I noticed that at the end of every statement she said because I don’t have money. And more over after listening to her whole story I also felt its related to karmas. So I asked her to get eleven days money reiki healing initially and than if needed would extend the healing. First I started using the symbols used for clearing the blocks related to karmas and also began giving her Money Reiki daily for general finances apart from karma clearing. On the fifth day she ssid Pinky there are no changes and I advised her to be positive and wait for 11 days. On the ninth day she called me and said that she got some unexpected money from her friend whom she had helped five years back and never expected it to come back.

After eleventh day I asked her to come and while interacting with her I realized that she had stopped using the word because I have no money and when I asked her she also realized the same. I suggested we should continue healing for another ten days and than after 21 days she came up with an idea of opening a small academy for her classes and training. She was able to see small small benefits and today she has started practicing Money Reiki and also helps her clients who have the same problem.

Hence Money Reiki will not make you rich overnight but will give success and also remove financial obstacles related to money blockages. I will soon explain how to make a small money box and grow abundantly.
Love and light.

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Karmic Reiki

Many of you may not be aware of this reiki but the awareness towards this reiki is increasing slowly. Karmic reiki is more of a concept where the client is made to regress in a karmic state. In this reiki we connect with the client and see what are the challenges faced by the client in present and how is it linked with his past.

I believe in mixing various reiki techniques to treat clients so that the client is benefitted and sees difference at the earliest. I will share with you in this article on how we can treat a person suffering from some type of addiction and make them live a life without any co-dependence. I will discuss here a typical karmic reiki treatment and in future also bring in articles here I will combine more than one type of reiki in a treatment.

Karmic reiki can be done in following steps:

  • Start with scanning of the client’s aura here we need to make the client sit comfortably and connect with him with our traditional HSZSN symbol and ask for the higher self in guiding you to heal the person from his addiction.
  • When you are scanning the aura allow your hands to move to and fro throughout all the chakras of the client freely as this will help you in checking the distortions and disruptions in the aura which will make it easier for us to clear the respective chakras where there are blockages.
  • Now draw the emotional butterfly symbol on your palms and brush the aura of the person in a way that you are cleansing him of his karmic energies (when we do this step some may feel a trap getting released from their body)
  • Once this is done use the Taoist grace symbol to remove any addictive patterns and negative thinking from the clients aura. This also you need to draw on your palms and on the client’s whole body or on all his chakras.
  • Then we use one of the three sisters which is also known as Karmic Blockage Vaporizer or the Mei Ku Do one of the most powerful symbols in karmic reiki to remove any objects which are still clinging to our aura. Here we visualize the symbol in our third eye and draw it in your palms and also in the air and call out the name of the symbol three times to activate it. Than motion your hands throughout the persons aura and identify the objects clinging and cleanse them in a way that you are sweeping them away from the aura and throwing it away from side to side till the object is fully cleared.
  • Once this is done use the next symbol which is called as Mei Tu nyo or karmic shadow cleanser which acts more like clearing anything which has been left behind in the aura. Follow the same steps as you did with Mei Ku Do and sweep away any leftover blockages or objects in the aura, but here we use our hands as we are stroking the fur of some animal in a softer way.
  • Last we use the symbol known as the guide connection or Shi Te Myo which is actually a very powerful symbol and has to be used with proper care and guided intuition as the energy level of this symbol is very high. Connect with this symbol the way you did with the other two symbols and use this symbol always at the end of the treatment with soft sweeps across the body in a way that it is soothing and calming the aura.

You need to be attuned to this reiki to use it and don’t use it without proper guidance or attunement as it may not give you the desired results. Reiki blessings to all.

Money Reiki – Guide to Removal of Financial Blockages

This is my first article with Reiki Rays so I wanted to write about the Reiki very close to my heart after my Usui Reiki and decided will write on Money Reiki. Money Reiki has brought in tremendous changes in lives of many I have healed and also for me personally. It has amazing energies which will transform all your financial blockages and obstacles from life and help you in exploring your financial growth opportunities.

Money Reiki is channeled by Stephanie Brail, this Reiki will not make you rich overnight (I believe that nothing can make us rich overnight but with Reiki and dedication in our work we will achieve financial success soon). If you follow the Money Reiki methodology systematically you will not only be able to take care of your financial problems pertaining in your life but also be able to clear the blockages you have been facing in improving your financial status. Money Reiki also helps in clearing your karmic blockages which are due to issues surrounding money or any negative money karma attracted by you.

Many healers follow different healing patterns but I will explain here the pattern I follow for me and for others and have seen successful results after giving Money Reiki. I always combine Money Reiki with positive affirmations and Usui Reiki for best outcome.

Here are the steps followed by me

  • I call on angels and money gods and goddess to assist me and shower me with prosperity and divine abundance (I love calling on Archangel Ariel, Zadkiel and goddess Lakshmi, Abundantia, Fortuna and Lord Narayana).
  • I set clear intentions on what I need in regards to prosperity because I feel if I know what my goal is or focus when it comes to prosperity and finances achieving becomes easier for me. I write my intentions clearly in a piece of paper for example
    “I want to attract more clients for my workshops, my clients benefit from my workshops and enhance their knowledge and are happy to learn from me and refer friends and family members to me”.
  • I start the Money Reiki with The Golden Pyramid symbol as this symbol helps in clearing deep karmic issues and I feel first step towards prosperity is clearing your past karmas and blocks. I imagine myself in front of the golden pyramid and the pyramid is spinning and I feel the pyramid opens and swallows all my karmas and negativity towards money and then it transmutes these energies and releases it to the mother earth.
  • Next I use the Clearing symbol which helps me in releasing any resistance which I have towards attracting money in my life and releases them and makes me receptive towards abundance. I must add here that I keep drawing this symbol in air around me from time to time to clear my debts or any financial related issues in my life.
  • Then I use the Affirmation Symbol and this symbol I use with my positive affirmations for attracting money (for ex. I say Money is coming in my life effortlessly and abundantly) while drawing this symbol. I draw this symbol covering my whole body as so that it acts as a law of attraction for me throughout the day.
  • Last I use the Grand Master symbol and this symbol works like a money magnet in our lives and it will magnetize anything you desire in life from abundance to anything (be it car, home and any object you desire). I finish the Money Reiki procedure here by drawing Cho Ku Rei and the Master symbol at this stage.
  • I now thank all the gods and archangels for showering me with prosperity and blessing me with financial independence and prosperity beyond my expectations.

This is just a brief introduction to Money Reiki. To be able to use it, you need attunement, manual with proper instruction.

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Reiki Symbols Revealed: Shika So and Shika Sei Ki

Many Reiki masters and practitioners are aware of the four symbols of the traditional Usui Reiki which are Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and Master Symbol but off late there are two new symbols which have been introduced in the traditional system which a few teachers teach along with Level 2 and many of them include these two beautiful symbols in Level 3a whereas few bring these under level 4 which is the grand master training.

These symbols have their own lovely energies and amazing powers to open our gates to inner peace and happiness.

I have used these symbols individually and also as a combined sandwich which has worked wonders for many of my clients.

Shika So


This symbol is best for balancing our Throat chakra and also heals people with communication issues. Those who are suffering from thyroid have seen lots of improvements after using this symbol. In fact I have helped many clients who find it difficult to talk in seminars or attend interviews and also for some who have had hypothyroid. This symbol is good if used individually or also as a combo with other symbols. One of the best way to use this symbol as a combo for those who have thyroid related problems is as follows:

  • First I connect with my client through HSZSN and then I cleanse their chakras and concentrate more time on the throat related area which is most affected for thyroid.
  • Then I use motor Zanon (usually I follow my intuition and change the symbols from person to person). Motor Zanon I feel here is apt because this symbol brings out the disease from the body so I give this symbol around the Throat chakra and combine Sei He Ki too so that the client does not feel strong energies.
  • Last I give the Shika So to the Throat chakra alone along with the sides and back of the Throat chakra for complete healing of thyroid and seal the energies with Cho Ku Rei.

The above method has been tried and tested method by me for helping thyroid affected clients and they have seen good improvement in their thyroid levels with regular healing in this method.

Shika Sei Ki


This symbol is best used for heart related diseases or also for people undergoing emotional stress in life. One of the most amazing symbols for anger related issues. This symbol eliminates negative energies from the heart giving way to unconditional love. I will share on of my best client experiences here along with the way I combined this with my other symbols and made her come out of the emotional trauma. I had a young girl who came to me as her dad and brother had passed away in an accident on the same day and she didn’t have a mother, she used to get up at nights with fear of loneliness and used to cry for hours. When she came to me I analyzed her situation and started giving her Reiki of combo of symbols as follows:

  • First I would connect with her using HSZSN and then cleanse her aura using the emotional Butterfly combined with Taoist grace which will remove the negative thinking and will assist in healing her emotionally.
  • Second I will concentrate on her Heart chakra and give her the Shika Sei Ki along with Sei He Ki which will sooth her emotions and remove the negative energies from her heart.
  • Last I used to give her the Shanti symbol as I felt she needs to heal the trauma what has happened along with the fears built inside her which have to be released too. Before closing the Reiki session I used to give CKR and SHK to all her chakras.

With this continuous Reiki treatment of 21 days she used to cry out after every session and feel something going away from her. After 21 days she started going back to her work and today she is happily settled in life and going to get married very soon with her soul partner.

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Reiki and Tarot

All of you must be wondering on the heading that what tarot has got to do with Reiki, as both are completely different topics. Absolutely true that they are different topics but Reiki can help you in protecting yourself from negative energy vibes of a tarot session and also gives you energy to sit for longer tarot sessions. I will also be sharing with you techniques of using tarot and Reiki to get guidance from higher self and in predicting more accurately.

I have been a tarot reader for 12 years now and when I newly started reading cards I used to get tired very often and at times absorb the negative energies the readings are emitting not being aware of it and used to take rest for days after a tarot event.  After I learnt Reiki I tried giving Reiki before a tarot and found amazing results following which i did a lot of research on how to combine Reiki and tarot. Today I will be sharing with you some beautiful tips and student issues which have been solved by this amazing combo.

Steps to be taken before beginning a Tarot Session:

  • Before starting your tarot sessions always do grounding. It is a technique to expand your aura (energy field), which strengthens the connection to earth. To do grounding first close your eyes and take three deep breaths to relax your body. With intent, visualize roots (like a tree) spreading from the base of your spine and foot chakras to the centre core of the earth. Feel the energy passing through your foot chakras to all the chakras of your body and know that you are fully grounded.
  • After grounding do a protection or shielding which will help you in being protected and avoid absorbing of unwanted energies during a session. For Protection I follow two ways one through Reiki symbols and one through colors. For shielding through Reiki first Take a deep breath and Make a request to Reiki:

“Dear Reiki, please form a protective shield of your energy around me. Thank you”

After saying this, visualize a stream of Reiki moving around you in circular movements and forming an energy shield starting from the top of your head and reaching your feet. Visualize the symbols Sei He Ki and Cho Ku Rei moving in the shield.

  • Where ever you are sitting for your tarot session be it near your altar table or at an event imagine drawing the anthakarna symbol below your chair and then sit there as this symbol will keep giving you energies when you feel depleted assisting you to be full of energy when you sit for longer sessions during tarot events.

Steps to use Reiki in getting guidance during your reading sessions for yourself and others:

I have used the following steps and seen amazing results when I wanted guidance for myself and also for many of my clients for their progress and guidance for their issues of daily life. Follow these steps and see amazing results:

  • When you want guidance for yourself over some certain issues or troubles pertaining in your lives just sit in a place where you will not be disturbed and relax and connect with your cards through HSZSN and call on your angels and Reiki to give you an insight on how to solve the crisis pertaining in your life and start putting your cards and you will feel the cards giving you an amazing guidance of what needs to be done to overcome the current crisis in life.
  • While doing reading for clients connect with the cards with HSZSN and give your cards SHK so that they show you the truth behind every situation along with guidance on how to solve it. Sometimes cards share the bitter truth to us without solutions so when we give SHK and see you will feel for every problem the card is giving a guidance of ways to come out of it.
  • When you have some financial issues or any other issues take one of the major arcana cards pertaining to your issue and connect with it through HSZSN and give yourself and the cards SHK and keep it under your pillow every night when you go to sleep and you will see insights in your dream on how to come out of the crisis. Keep doing this till the issue is solved.
  • One lovely tip I would like to share here if you want to come out of financial mess in your life than take three cards pertaining to finances and keep them in your altar and surround them with green colored crystals and a green candle and give Reiki to the cards and crystals and candles and visualize coming out of the situation and thank Reiki for helping you come out of it and burn this candle daily for seven days you will see some changes in your finances soon.

Try the above methods and see yourself getting connected with your cards effortlessly and also not getting tired at the end of sessions and find yourself sitting for hours in tarot events without feeling low. Reiki blessings to you all.

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10 Ways to Prosperity with Money Reiki

My very first article in Reiki Rays spoke on how financial blockages can be removed from life through Money Reiki. Today I will be sharing tips on how Money Reiki symbols can be used in our daily life to enhance prosperity and wealth inflow in our lives. I have practiced the ten tips that I will be sharing with you all and have also given to my clients and they have seen abundance flowing in their lives.

Ten Tips for Financial Prosperity:

1. Dollar Symbol Tip
This is one of the most easiest and wonderful tips in using dollar symbol. Whenever we spend cash or sign cheques for payments all we have to do is draw the dollar symbol in some corner of the currency notes and cheques and give Money Reiki to it and say a prayer that whoever gets the money is blessed with abundance and happiness. It’s practically not possible to draw and give Reiki before spending so what I do is I draw the symbol in my cheque book and all my currency notes beforehand and give it Reiki and keep, while signing or giving money I just say thank you money for being in my life and spend. This practice will enhance your cash flow and the amount you spend will come back to you in multifold.

2. Manifestation Tip
I do the manifestation symbol in two ways, one way is take a piece of paper and write down what you want in terms of financial needs and draw the manifestation symbol on all the four sides of the paper and keep it in your wish box and give Reiki to it daily till the wish is fulfilled and other way is visualize what you desire inside a chi ball and give it manifestation symbol along with CKR and send it to the universe and pray to the universe to help you in fulfilling your wishes. Do one of these tips every New Moon and abundance is all yours.

3. Wish Box Tip
Pick up a nice wooden box which you get attracted to or make a small box at home using cardboards or left over box and decorate it nicely, on the inner part of the box with green pen draw the manifestation and euro symbol on one side, on the other side with red pen draw the Vasudha and CKR symbols, on the third side draw the Money Reiki master symbol with blue pen and on the fourth side draw the SHK and Dollar symbol with orange pen. After doing you can write your financial goals for the year and place it in the box and also make other chits with your goals and what all you want to manifest in terms of luxury for example: “I am getting lots of clients and earning $XXXX every month” or “I am buying an independent villa and living there happily with my family.” Once you place these in your box give it Reiki once a week visualizing that your wishes are getting manifested.

4. Money Reiki Box
Pick a red colored box or make a box and stick red color paper outside it and design it and place different symbols of various types of Reiki which symbolize wealth like Midas Star, Vasudha etc., and place a piece of pyrite along with tumbles of citrine, aventurine, rose quartz and few merkabah shape crystals. Keep some money in that and if possible don’t spend that money and every day during the end of the day whatever small cash is leftover with you put it in that box and keep adding money to it daily. You will find loads of income coming from all sources.

5. Money Magnet
Money magnet is nothing but turning an object into attracting money. Pick up any object that you can carry with you daily or wear it like your personal jewellery or some crystal tumble or angel and turn it into your money magnet. Take the object which you have selected and cleanse it first in running water and then hold the object in-between your hands and tell out your intention loudly and feel it happening in your life for instance “I am a money magnet” or“I am attracting money from all sides”, after this charge the object with Money Reiki symbols and our traditional Reiki symbols too. At the end bless the object saying “I bless this object with energy of money, May it manifest and bring all the riches in my life, to the highest good of me and all concerned, Thank you.” Now carry or wear this object with you wherever you go.

6. Energy Circle and Money Reiki
Take up any energy circle you like the most, I will be posting my energy circles which I use also and draw on all four sides CKR, SHK and Money Reiki symbols and it will enhance the energies of the EC and help in attracting money.

7. Grand Master Symbol Tip
In Money Reiki we have a grand master symbol which is a very powerful symbol used to charge us up fully with money. I do this on every Full Moon, I call on all Archangel Michael, Uriel and St. Expedite and also on goddess Abundantia and Fortuna for clearing me up of all my debts and financial issues and imagine the grand master symbol coil inside my whole body and coiling up and energizing me with money energies. I burn a green candle while doing this.

8. World Money Healing
One of the best ways to get back abundance and richness infinitely is healing the world with Money Reiki. I first sit for my meditation for this and then I imagine the Mother Earth planet in front of me and give healing to the mother earth with Money Reiki symbols imagining my Money Reiki going to all the poor people, the needy and the hungry in this whole world. At last I see the world happy, peaceful and filled with love and abundance. This way when I bless the Mother Earth with happiness and abundance that abundance comes back to me.

9. Self-Healing and Ho’oponopono
Start doing a self-healing on all the chakras with Money Reiki symbols for ten minutes and then imagine money and do Ho’oponopono asking for forgiveness for any negativity you had towards money and for all the negative blocks you have towards money and release it to Mother Earth.

10. Pyramid Tip
Make a separate altar for abundance in your prayer room and in the table place goddess Fortuna, Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha with five pieces of pyrites and a box of pyramid shape, and a green candle. Burn the green candle daily and give Money Reiki to the altar and part with some percentage of your earnings every month in this pyramid box. Once a year collect the money from the box and spend it on feeding the hungry people or stray animals. One of the best ways to increase income is parting a percentage of it in the pyramid box as pyramid will multiply what you put in it.

Do try these beautiful tips and bring in prosperity in the year 2016 and in the coming years too. Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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