Plain candles

Dark Green Candle: Dark Green candles are best used for attracting money.Any money related issue can be resolved with the dark green candle. Carve the amount that you desire to get and then burn it. Light Green Candle: Light green candles help in health, healing and vitality. These candles also provide the strength to recover from sickness and to bring good health. These candles are also infused with AA Raphael energy to help you in quick healing and divine guidance. These candles can also be burnt for general healing and health. Yellow Candle: Yellow candles aid in setting up new business, trying new business ventures, and help in attracting clients. Not only that, it also helps kids to focus and concentrate on studies when burnt in their study room. Burn these candles every Wednesday to bring about business changes or opportunities and at anytime if you are doing this for your kid’s welfare. Orange Candle: Orange candles are best used for career growth or progress. One can use orange candles to grow up the career ladder, to get desired job or even to follow your life purpose. The orange candles will be a road opener for bringing clarity related to your work life. Pink Candle: These candles are best used for love or relationship issues. These candles help in sorting out issues in relationship. They are also best for attracting soul mate or lover or simply for self love. These candles are charged with Archangel Chamuel energy to bring love and joy in all your relationships. Red Candle: These candles are capable of adding passion into your rather dull love life, speed up healing, bring more energy and strength physically, and speed up the process of manifestation or in bringing about your desired job into reality. Red representing the energies of fire and sun, fastens the process, when added to any other candle related to a specific purpose. Light Blue: Light Blue candle soothes the mind. It helps in calming the nerves and emotions. It as well helps in clearing your throat chakra there by enabling you to speak your heart out, say No when required. It also helps in resolving conflicts and brings about peace and harmony at home

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