Triquetra candle

TRIQUETRA Triquetra is an amazing Celtic symbol of Magick. It is a Trinity knot which represents the infinite cycle of life - (life-death-rebirth). It also represents the three elements (Earth, water and air) which are very essential for a life. Here we at Magick of Healing bring our amazing candle the TRIQUETRA candle. This candle can be used in Protection rituals, love rituals health rituals, Blessing rituals, it is used for gaining blessings for longevity. It can be used for honouring triple goddesses and cycle of life. This symbol is very special as it also represents triple goddess and is also known as the Rune of Protection , Symbol of eternity. LONGLASTING RELATIONSHIP SPELL For mending and for longevity of a relationship between couple, light a triquetra candle with a couple candle and burn it. Do it twice a month on full moon and new moon day. This will help the partners remember their promises to each other and help in bringing in eternal love and Honor for each other. OVERALL FAMILY PROTECTION SPELL Family is dear to everyone and family comprises of parent and children. So here is a strong protection spell for the whole family. Take a triquetra candle, star of David candle and a cross candle. All the three symbols are very powerful one and when in a ritual, all the three our combined...the results are amazing. Do it twice a month. HEALTH SPELL If someone is unwell in the family you can burn a triquetra candle daily for ten minutes praying for their longevity and good health. It has power to bless and remove negativity. Keep doing it daily till the person feels alright. HONORING TRIPLE GODDESSES Take a Triquetra candle and a dog and an owl candle. Burn it in front of the triple goddesses. We do this ritual to Honor them and to gain their blessings for our overall life cycle. We seek blessings here to forget and move from our past, walk in our present which be's wonderful and to make our future best with beautiful promises. This ritual can be done weekly once

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