First I would like to thank all my readers and students who read my last article Candle prayers with Archangel Raphael and gave me amazing feedbacks and also sent me pictures of their prayers and the positive results they got. Keep sending me your feedbacks on the tips and suggestions I share as this encourages me to write more and more. Your feedbacks have encouraged me to write another very powerful candle prayer where we invoke or call on Archangel Michael.

I have always felt a strong connection with Archangel Michael along with few other archangels like Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, Chamuel and Ariel and I follow separate prayer modules while calling on each of them. Whenever I call on them and ask them for guidance or help, I have always seen help and guidance coming to me through some source or the other and many a times I feel their presence right next to me showing me their signs. Archangels are just amazing angels who are always ready to help and guide us, ask and they are there.

Archangel Michael is the Archangel of the sun and also known as warrior angel. He is the protector for everyone and offers help to anyone who calls on him. He comes to our rescue and helps us in overcoming all obstacles in our lives guiding us to get back on the right path.

For candle prayers for Michael some use gold, orange while some use blue, I always love using dark blue for this prayer. You can also combine all the three colors or any two colors and call on him. Always go by your intuition when you sit for angel prayers, you can always add crystals and incense or herbs you feel will be best for the prayer too.

Steps for doing the prayer:

  • Sit facing south and do this prayer preferably during early morning or before noon.
  • Place a picture of Archangel Michael and burn the incense stick and the white candle first. And keep it to the right side of the picture.
  • Now anoint the candles with the essential oil and place it in a row in the left side of the picture.
  • Now burn these candles and call upon Archangel Michael and say

Imagine Archangel Michael rising from the candle flame and standing next to you and guarding you with his shield of light around you. Do this prayer every Sunday and see amazing changes in your life.

Write to me your feedbacks and I will be back soon with yet another powerful prayer of another amazing Archangel.

Reiki Blessings to all.

Writing an article after a long time for my all-time favorite website so decided to give you all a very powerful angel prayer through candles. Those who read my article on candle magic will know what candle prayers are by now.

Raphael is well known Archangel for healing and offers healing be it to mankind or the planet and also to all the creatures on the face of the earth, skies and in the waters. He is an Archangel who protects children as his own kid. He is always ready to offer sustenance and healing for those who ask him. Raphael can be strongly felt on 21st December on the mid-winter solstice, call on him and see you will feel someone right next to you (but he comes anytime you call on him but the presence can be strongly felt that day).

This prayer should be done in the night preferably facing the North. This prayer can be done for any type of healing be it emotional healing, physical healing or any type of reconciliation. Use a green candle and surround it with green coloured crystals like aventurine, jade or whichever you are attracted to and do in the following way:

  • Face the North and sit.
  • Light a green candle and surround it with green crystals and also light a white candle on the right side of it for the protection of the ritual and the person doing it.
  • After you light both the candles, chant the following prayer “Archangel Raphael, please heal my sorrows and bring peace in my life. Heal my illness so that I lead my life happily and be in harmony with my family. Protect me from negativity and bless me with your healing energies and always be by my side guiding me and healing me”
  • Visualize Raphael rising from the candle and healing you or you can also visualize the flame of the candle entering into your crown and traveling to all your chakras and healing you and making you healthy and happy.
  • Once you visualize thank Raphael for healing you and let the candle burn completely and throw off the residue the next day.

Try this lovely healing method and be blessed and happy in life. I will come back with more such amazing prayers with the archangels. Do leave a feedback after you all do this healing prayer.

I used to always get upset on my pet falling sick and I must add here I have three dogs and a parrot and a fish tank too. If I used to see a pet hit on the road also I wished I could heal them. I used to give them Usui reiki also but never was able to connect with the pets till I learnt Animal reiki. Animals have 8 major chakras and 21 minor chakras along with 6 bud chakras. The eighth main chakra which is known as the Brachial or key chakra was founded by Margrit Coates who is a renowned animal healer. Reiki healing for animals is safe and gentle and can be done in direct or through distance.

Have u ever seen your pet paw the ground before lying or rolling there it’s because his paw chakras are trying to find energies of the ground which are beneficial for them. When they stand on such areas automatically they will get grounding energies. Usually, animals are capable of sensing and absorbing any sensory information around them, but any pet that has undergone an emotional or physical trauma has energetic imbalance more often than others.

This technique can be done in two methods just by giving healing or by meditating with your animals for healing, I prefer the meditative way because it creates an inner state of balance and calm and makes the pet feel more peaceful. So coming to connecting with our pets go to your alpha state of mind and make your pet to sit with you, if it prefers walking or moving around just let him do that, start doing yourself healing and you will find the pet coming near you and wanting you to do it. I have seen my pet coming and keeping his head on my lap as an indication that he is ready for healing. At that time connect to his key chakra as this chakra connects to all the chakras and it will connect you and your pet spontaneously.

Voila, you will feel the reiki flowing through your pet beautifully and you will be able to sense if any blockages are there in any part of the body and be able to concentrate there and heal the part. Always start treating your pets with reiki for continuous five days session and later on do it once a week. I also give reiki to their food so that the food gives them extra energy. After reiki, your pet will sleep and also u will find him relaxed and breathing will be more normal.

As you keep giving reiki to your pets, you will become familiar with the feeling of the energies you pick up while treating them. For instance, heat indicates more energy is needed while coolness indicates emotional problems in pets. Dull pain in your hands can indicate that there is some physical problem in that particular part and sharp pain due to mis-balancing of energies in that particular area. Tingling sensation is an indication of swelling in your pets, if your hands feel drawn to a particular area it means rebalancing is needed and when they repel than definitely deep seated issues are there which needs vets attention.

Try this beautiful reiki and see how you get connected to your pets more and feel happy when you can help them whenever they need it be it your own pets or even roadside pets. Dedicating this article to three little naughty musketeers and love of my life Scooby, Maximus and Blacky because of these three I have learned this lovely reiki. Love you three the most in this world.

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