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Purple Candle: These candles are best used to enhance psychic abilities. Burning these candles before meditation or a healing session, will help you see a major shift in your focus, intuitive abilities in the long run. One can also use these candles, while doing a card reading session like tarot card, lenormand, angel cards or runes for more accurate guidance and predictions. Black Candle: Black candles help in removing negativity, black magic, psychic attack. Black candles also help in protection of the individual and the family from any kind of negativity. These candles are also charged with Archangel Michael’s energy. Gold Candle: Gold candles help in bringing prosperity in abundance in all walks of life if burnt regularly. These candles bring in divine blessings and help you in manifesting your dreams and desires. White Candle: White candles help in healing. They are also helpful in gaining clarity over a situation. White candles also help in bringing harmony in the family. White candles can be used to connect to the angels and fairies for seeking their help and guidance. Brown Candle: Brown candles help in grounding and connecting more with Mother Nature. They also help in getting rid of excess energies from our body. Not only that, brown candles are best suited for weight loss.

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